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Can't run hard disk's

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 11:12 pm
by k1w1
I have setup Gambase ST and it runs all games perfectly except for the Harddisk games.

I am using unrar instead of pkzip for my Windows 10 x64 system and when I select a Harddisk game it unpacks in my c:\user\public\documents\0\ as it should but will not unpack and create the Harddisk directory. If I create the Harddisk folder manually a unpack into it and warm restart, it runs the program as expected.

I have also tried 7z as well, and as with unrar have used x as the unpack switch. I have only changed the steem22 script to use these unpackers instead of pkzip and have updated the GBsteem.ini file to accomodate my directory structure.

What am I doing wrong?