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GameBase Extras major Errors?

Posted: Fri May 21, 2010 12:47 pm
by Willabong
I have just downloaded GameBase from this link:
Installed without a problem.
Then I spent 2 hours downloading the 5 "Extras" zips (almost 3 gig).
I started unzipping each of the 5 files to a folder, and noticed that the first one unzipped correctly, then the second started to unzip, and seemed to unzip (with some overwriting of files), but I got a corruption error message near the end of each zip decompressing, the last zip (200 meg) didn't seem to work at all, because I got the "Corrupt file" warning immediately.

Every thing seems to be working? But I was wondering if anyone else had these problems? :?

Re: GameBase Extras major Errors?

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 1:23 pm
by megar
I just checked the files on the server.
BTW, they are not zip files, but rather rar files.
As stated, you must use winrar to unrar them. Using another application is not tested.

The files are all OK. There is zero overwriting files (except for 'Patch 1.rar'). This may mean that you used an application who doesn't support multipart rar files. Please switch to winrar, and just unrar the first part. Winrar will automatically use the other parts.

Here are the md5 of the *tested* files on the server:

Code: Select all

9781da271133c69988b256ccdffc452b  Gamebase ST v3.1d - Extras.part1.rar
edd297e69a7b2e4093874e71252fd624  Gamebase ST v3.1d - Extras.part2.rar
d9ef9bb7bab521d3521db9422443ea92  Gamebase ST v3.1d - Extras.part3.rar
6f793c04620c28f34677714da263af74  Gamebase ST v3.1d - Extras.part4.rar
d26e6d099a8cd5a199762431b6bd9439  Gamebase ST v3.1d - Extras.part5.rar
0a8bb4f9b5b258cf5be1c3d403e9d3e4  Gamebase ST v3.1d - Games - Patch 1.rar
a9f9421a395820112e667e4b543581ad  Gamebase ST v3.1d - Games.rar
ae77800e2366346e374b6fd86b196211  GBST v3.1d.rar

If some of the files does not match, you should re-download them.

Re: GameBase Extras major Errors?

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 5:23 pm
by Willabong
Thanks for the advice and info! :)