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Atari to USB Jakadapter NEW

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:11 pm
by SHIFT838
I built a few of these since I had the parts. Assembled and tested PCB only, no enclosure. Will fit perfectly in a hammond 1591M enclosure.

PM me if interested $35 US + shipping each.

Connect old school Atari type joysticks to your PC (Windows/Linux/MAC).

The Jakadapter allows connecting two Atari-style controllers to USB. It supports standard joysticks, paddles and also Sega Megadrive gamepads on both ports.


- Supports two Atari / C64 / Amiga etc. digital joysticks simultaneously
- Full-speed USB with up to 1000 Hz update speed (*)
- Supports paddles on both ports
- Supports SMS, Megadrive 3- and 6-button gamepads on both ports
- Works in Windows, Linux, Mac (standard HID game controller, no drivers needed)
- Works in all major emulators (VICE, CCS64, WinUEA, Stella to name a few)
- Upgradeable FW (Microchip compatible HID bootloader)
- Detects controller type automatically, no need to change firmware