FOR SALE: Atari MegaST internal IDE Adapter

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FOR SALE: Atari MegaST internal IDE Adapter

Postby crashman » Sun Jul 08, 2018 5:47 pm


here I offer two different revisions of the Atari MegaST internal IDE adapter by ppera.

One for 40pin IDE and another for 44pin IDE

MegaST IDE 44pin c.jpg

MegaST IDE 40pin c.jpg

They are solder-less. Only two cables needed, and they're only inserted on pins available at the motherboard of the MegaST.
Those cables are included, as the flat cable for the 44pin version.
Those adapters aren't auto-booting. You need a patched 1.04, 2.06 or boot from floppy.
In not auto-booting, hddriver of ppera's work fine.
If you want auto-booting, apart from Tos, you'll need ppera's drivers.
I'll add a pair of 28 to 32 pins eprom adapters.

40€ shipping included to Europe.
45€ shipping included to US and Canada.

Best regards,

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