For sale or trade: 400, C64/C, IBM PS/1, Apple IIgs/ terminals/IBM model Ms

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For sale or trade: 400, C64/C, IBM PS/1, Apple IIgs/ terminals/IBM model Ms

Postby seastalker » Tue Dec 26, 2017 9:20 pm

I have for sale or trade (Note: the actual GEAR is in Fl, USA):

Texas Instruments TI99 NEW IN BOX!!!

Atari 400 (cleaned, tested and working)

Dot Matrix printers (ASK! Panasonic KX-P1123, Apple II GS, Star)

IBM PS/1 with Win 3.1 and games.
IBM Model M Keyboards/terminals

Apple II GS "Woz Edition" complete with printer and booklets

Commodore 64 C model (cleaned, tested and working)
Commodore 64 Breadbin 2x (tested and working - cleaning in progress)
Commodore 64 (Spare Breadbin cases and keyboards)
Commodore Floppy drives both working and soon to be working

Black and White TVs
Casio Portable TVs
Several CRT monitors

Nintendo NES (1985 original with two controllers and games)
Nintendo Gameboy (1989, cleaned, tested and working) with games
Nintendo Wii (cleaned, tested and working) with games

SEEKING: upgraded 800xl, Modern A8 upgrades (Lotharek, XEL, Eclair, Sophia, flashcarts, an 800xl USB keyboard), Commodore 64 upgrades (Turbo Chameleon, 1541 Ult, new C64c or Amiga cases), Keyrah, spare chips (especially NOS), IBM 5100/5150, Zipstick joysticks, Atari Falcon, Atari 600xl, Amiga 1200, ZX Spectrum NEXT , Roland MT-32 - or tell me what you have! :)

PM me anytime!

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