F/S: 80lbs of IC's

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F/S: 80lbs of IC's

Postby Rustynutt » Mon Aug 28, 2017 12:44 am

No typo :)
For sale:
3 individual boxes of IC's.
Purchased from employer auction 8 years ago, that I've been hording.

Box 1-29 lbs 13x13x16 $35.00 + shipping (see below)
Box 2-32 lbs 13x13x16 $38.00 + shipping (see below)
Box 3-19 lbs 13x13x16 $25.00 + shipping (see below)

IC's are not in tubes, carefully "poured" into static lined boxes.
Some may have bent pins due to this.
If you know the approximate weight of an IC, you can calculate how many are in each box.

FEDEX Ground preferred, can ship UPS or USPS Priority Mail, know the latter will charge more.
Please calculate shipping cost to your area from zip code 97439, Oregon before PM'ing me with interest to buy.

Each box is shipped in Home Depot HD box, 13x13x16 inches.
Use the weight of the box and size to please calculate shippers cost.
"Prefer" to only ship within the 48 US States.
Would consider "reasonable" deposit to ship to EU, UK, Canada or Oz (USPS Priority Mail International ONLY, USPS has no "steamboat" option!) before actual shipping cost ($$$$$) determined, following U.S. buy options.

PayPal only.

Wife wrote down random samples, I didn't check for accuracy.
There's many more types inside to be sure.

These came from a facility with the old wire um up analog computers,
and guidance development during the early 70's to 90's time frame.
Figure electronics types will have a general idea what other chips could have been
used with these types and applications.


Please PM me on atari-forum with interest.
First PM, first served (with payment :) ).

!Kudo's to Del for the excellent Atari resource site.

(text saved before posting :) )
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