MIDI Recording Sequencer Dr T's KCS For Sale

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MIDI Recording Sequencer Dr T's KCS For Sale

Postby sailorcull » Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:18 pm

MIDI Recording Sequencer for the ATARI ST Dr T's KCS Version 1.6 From 1988 Rare! Never used except to be tested recently..

I used to work at Dr T's and am cleaning out the closet! Asking $50 Free US shipping, $12 Elsewhere. If you want it Let me know and I can set up a secure page for ordering by credit card or you can pay via pay pal.

This is a very powerful midi recording sequencer. Tested and the screen shots are from the test.

No Manual, but the recording part is pretty straight forward. Pressing F1 on the keyboard toggles you from Track mode to Edit mode. In Edit mode is where you can edit your work and save your files.

More info here:

48 tracks, 128 sequences, 16 songs and about 110,000 notes (for 1 MB of memory).

The KCS has three operating modes:
The "Track mode" is a 48-track tape recorder (real-time and step-by-step).
"Open mode", mainly intended to manage sequences, also allows recording. This is the most interesting and complex part of the KCS.
The "Song mode" is a classic method of construction: sequence of sequences built using the other two modes (with repetitions, transpositions, tempo changes, etc.).
In the Track mode you can start recording a sequence from your MIDI keyboard: press F10 to finish recording the first track (with the ALIGN function, recording will end automatically on a measure You can record on a new track while listening to the "playback" of what you just played ("looping" and "overdubbing"). .

You will be able to stack up to 48 tracks, the KCS automatically indicating the MIDI channel it receives on each track. The duration of the first track determines the duration of the sequence (and therefore of the set of tracks). It is therefore possible,
Your keyboard can transmit on all MIDI channels.
The other MIDI instruments are set to the correct MIDI receive channels.
The KCS is in MERGE mode.
The "Track mode" allows several interventions very fast:
Mute ("offset" of the tracks in real time).
Solo (to listen to only one track).
Punch-in, punch-out (to re-record a game).
Echo noon.
"Track mode Edit" allows you to edit (yes!) Any number of notes or measurements of the sequence, track by track. To modify a track, the KCS offers a series of options, like a musical word processor:
to copy.
auto correction.
(Pitch, velocity, duration, MIDI channel, etc.).
Very useful for the rhythm section, you can name "Drum Channel" tracks that you do not want to change during a global transposition in "Open Mode" or "Song Mode".

The "All tracks to sequence" function allows you to copy all of your tracks in a sequence, and enter "Open Mode". You will then have the same editing and editing possibilities as in "Track mode Edit". But, this time, you will intervene on all the tracks (and not track by track).

By creating a "control sequence", it is possible to play several sequences at the same time without editing or making complex assemblies.

This method allows you to control offset starts, different loops, sequences, etc., and to get crazy combinations!

At any time, the KCS allows track-to-track, track-to-sequence, sequence-to-track, sequence-to-track and track-to-track copies. All information from another sequencer (or any other MIDI instrument) can be separated ("demerge") MIDI channel by MIDI channel from Track mode tracks.

In short, you record several sequences track by track in the track mode. You manage them in the "Open mode", and you link them in the "Song mode" with the possibility of editing and editing anywhere.

However, Nothing forces you to work in this way because the interest of the KCS lies in the possibility of juggling the three modes and developing its own working method. Unfortunately, its unattractive presentation makes the software difficult to access and requires minimal knowledge of MIDI. Moreover, the notice in English is not made to facilitate things.

Do not count on the appearance of the KCS to put you in full view: the tables are full of texts, total absence of icons or windows. There are enough programs on Amiga to impress the gallery, right?

This software is resolutely professional, very fast, very powerful and 100% efficient (once the instructions are equivalent!).
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Re: MIDI Recording Sequencer Dr T's KCS For Sale

Postby charles » Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:56 pm

sorry but isn't it up to version 5 for kcs.....
great nostalgia piece !!!!

i'll tell u what I would like tho , is
dr.t's basic midi language
if you have a copy of that laying around...
will be an interest in buying
atari is my lifestyle,not a hobby.
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