Atari CX-2000 Prototype information

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Atari CX-2000 Prototype information

Postby furious01 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 2:52 am

Hi everyone - an Atari newb here. A few months back during summer, we were doing the garage sale circuit and think my buddy and I may have stumbled across something special. The guy that sold this to us along with an Atari 1200 and numerous other games told us this may have some value and the prior owner/his friend was part of the Atari development team for this "prototype". Unfortunately, at the time, he couldn't remember much of what it was, it's function, or very much else for that matter - just that it may have some value. There are no imprinted markings or noticeable game cartridge that work/fit were found in the box of Atari stuff that was sold along with it.

Fast forward a few months and we took some pics for some research to understand its heritage, functionality, and maybe even possible worth/value? Does anyone on this forum have any in-depth knowledge of this particular item?

These pictures are of the actual console - there wasn't any cleaning, disassembling, or anything of that nature performed.
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