Very first computer

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Re: Very first computer

Postby calimero » Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:41 am

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarification.
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Re: Very first computer

Postby johnnyboy1911 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:40 am

My First Computer was 1982 an 800XL with Floppy 1050 and 1010 Cass Drive.
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Re: Very first computer

Postby Trixster » Wed Apr 04, 2018 7:03 pm

First computer was a BBC Micro Model B, bought by my Dad in Oct 1983. Still in working condition.
Second computer - Amiga 500 with 512KB upgrade, Screen Gems pack. Still in working condition.
Third computer - Amiga 1200 with 80MB harddrive, Desktop Dynamite pack. Still in working condition.
Fourth computer - a PC, AMD K6200 I think with Matrox Mystique and a 3DFX Voodoo 1

First consoles was an Atari 2600. Still in working condition.
We also had VideoMaster Star Chess in the early 80s, a Firefox F-7 and a yellow Galaxy Invader 1000
Second console - Sega Master System
Third console - Xbox 360

From then on it was PC upgrades for many years until I got back into 'old' computers and consoles and Raspberry Pis. Current systems are in my sig, as well as a multitude of Pis, a PS4 and Xbox One.
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Re: Very first computer

Postby 1024MAK » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:42 pm

I saw an Acorn BBC micro on the BBC TV programme (broadcast on U.K. television). Then at secondary school there were three computers, two of which were beeb's (both model B's I think, they both had 5.25" 40 track floppy drives, running what I now know is DFS).
I took computer studies and used the beeb's for my project.
At home, I shared a 48k ZX Spectrum with my sister. This was the first computer that we had.
Despite really liking the BBC B, I never did get one, so I upgraded the Spectrum with a proper keyboard (from DK Electronics). Then the Atari ST came to the UK. I saved up and got a 520 STFM (with a single sided FDD). I also got a multisync colour monitor so that I could use all three video modes 8)

I have no idea what my first program was, as it would have been something simple at school.
Or may be something simple that I typed into the machines on display in the shops like:
10 PRINT "Mark woz ere"
20 GOTO 10
That kind of thing. Later on I learnt some tricks, so use to annoy the shop staff by typing in a handful of lines of code that meant they had to switch the machines off to get rid of it (at least on the Electon and BBC Micros, and the ZX Spectrum) :mrgreen:

I wrote BASIC programs both at school on the BBC Micro and at home on our ZX Spectrum. Did try writing some games, but found BASIC a bit too slow. So mainly wrote utility, information display (using the BBC's Teletext mode) and programs to perform calculations. Later I added hardware expansions to the Spectrum, so I wrote code to control these.

On the Atari STFM I bought and used GFA BASIC :D

I forget the first computer magazine I got. I tried most of the Sinclair / Spectrum magazines including Crash.
Our paperboy loved that I had Personal Computing Weekly delivered (he use to read it before delivering it).
When I got the STFM, ST Format was my favourite. Got that until it closed.

The first game that I played would have been on the ZX Spectrum. But I have no idea which one it was, as my dad bought it from Rumbelows and the deal included ten games. But I do remember our favourite at the time, and that was Lunar Jetman :D

Falcon, Atari 520STFM, Atari 1040STE, more PC's than I care to count and an assortment of 8 bit micros (nearly forgot the Psion's)

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Re: Very first computer

Postby wongck » Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:47 pm

1024MAK wrote:That kind of thing. Later on I learnt some tricks, so use to annoy the shop staff by typing in a handful of lines of code that meant they had to switch the machines off to get rid of it (at least on the Electon and BBC Micros, and the ZX Spectrum) :mrgreen:

Hah!! I remember that. :)
Not me doing stuff like this but some kids programs and running stuff on the display computers. Not sure what computer that was... brain, lynx, brain or dragon nor which high street store... but once I saw the sales person could not just reset the computer but must power it off. Must be written in some reset proof area of the ram.

May have seen you :lol: can't be you.... there must be tons of kids doing that.
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