rediscovered my lost books

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rediscovered my lost books

Postby mjvans » Fri Aug 18, 2017 8:16 pm

In the times before there was internet we got our computer information from magazines and books.
I got a bookcase with 2 meters of Atari (8 and 16/32 bit) books which I bought in that time.
I had an Atari Falcon030 book but it was lost for many years. I searched everywhere and even when I moved 4 years ago I didn't find it.
Also for the Atari ST Profibuch. I even bought another copy of it from the internet. But the Falcon030 book I could not find even on the internet a problem was I didn't remember the exact title.
So great was my surprise when I just rediscovered 7 Atari books in a sealed box in my house.
The Falcon book was "Das buch zum Atari Falcon030" (Hendricks, Herzlinger, Pittelkow). It was a rare printed source of information about the new AES and XBIOS functions of the Falcon030.
The Profibuch was the dutch version "Het complete ATARI ST boek" (Jankowski, Reschke, Rabich). Now I have a german and a dutch version which reads just a little easier for me. The price shows 99,- dutch guilders which was a little fortune for me in 1989 it shows how important it was for me then.
Other books are about Calamus, 68000, GFA basic and some general ST books.
Now I got 2,25m of Atari books

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