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Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
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Re: Something positive, for change

Postby Miguel » Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:26 am

AtariZoll wrote:Yes. lets allow people to expose fascist ideas, to forge history and like. Because of some freedom of speech. No, freedom means not that everyone can do whatever he wants and thinks that is good. That's the basic fact. I will put now you on ignore list, because you are boring.

Yes, let's allow people to expose fascist ideas, let's refute those bad ideas rather than create intellectually vacuous echo chambers by embracing bad fascistic ideas ourselves such as opposing free speech.

Freedom of speech means that everyone can speak and say whatever they want and you don't get to redefine that, it's a well established liberal principle not subject to conditions imposed by those on the regressive left or those on the loony right of whom they are a mirror reflection.

If you don't like what I have to say that's fine, I will defend your right to disagree with me as well as your right to ignore me, I don't care if you want to stick your own fingers in your own ears but should you try to place your hand over someone else's mouth you would be crossing the line.

darklight wrote:
Miguel wrote:Idiotic or not they are not your comments to delete, it's just that Google has given you the tools to censor the speech of others, which is absolutely wrong.

I strongly disagree.

Its *your* youtube channel, where you are trying to get across *your* message, and grow *your* community. Other people can disrupt that with OT or just plain crazy comments.

Why should that be allowed to happen? Why cant they just create their own channel and post their videos / comments there?

It's "their" comments which are on "your" YouTube channel which is on "Google's" site who as I pointed out gives people the tools to delete what people other than themselves have to say and it's not just limited to you being able to delete other people's comments, the conditions that Google place on free speech are so vague that just about anyone could have "your" YouTube channel deleted at the drop of a hat.

I don't mind that you disagree and yeah free speech doesn't exclude speech which could reasonably be considered to be annoying AF, but there is a much bigger picture here because the tools Google provides to shut down free speech are the same tools used by totalitarian regimes the world over.

EmpireAndrew wrote:Google owns the service you post comments on (in the case of YouTube) so that makes it their site and their computer and they can delete whatever they like.
If google don't care about a negative comment but the person running the channel does, they can delete it. Because it's their channel.
The beauty of the internet however is that you can make your own channel or w baited that you own and you can say what you like, there's your free speech.

I personally think Web 2.0, the interactive web or rather the web where people are encouraged to leave comments, is a failure.
Look through forums and YouTube channels and you find a high proportion of negativity, personal attacks and downright abuse. It's virtually impossible to stay on top of it (i.e. delete it and even ban people) so you may as well not turn the facility on in the first place. Personally I think youtube would be better without the comment facility. It's rare any comment adds something to the conversation.

But maybe it represents the people of the world. As in there are more than enough unevolved, unintelligent and destructive ***holes to go around...

Yeah Google took over YouTube and introduced some very questionable regressive terms and conditions, they inadvertently created safe spaces for bigots to spew hatred unopposed, they unwittingly fostered an environment of unchecked hostility by allowing people to censor opposing opinions rather than confront them and as predicted by those of us on the rational left the reactance caused by the behaviour of the regressive left has made things worse rather than better.

Captain Atari
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Re: Something positive, for change

Postby Atarieterno » Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:24 am

AtariZoll wrote:
Atarieterno wrote:I am amazed to see how some limit the freedom of expression demanding that the fascism be banned, but it does not say anything of prohibiting the communism that holds the world´s greatest genocide and continues being legal in many countries.
Please, that someone designs some reinforcement with fast-RAM of coherence.

Oh, I'm sorry, I did not mention in my reply: the communism, Pol Pot. Mao Ce Tung, Charles Manson, and thousand of other mass murderers.
Many countries ? North Korea. Cuba ? So-so. Before you reply on my country list, consider to open new thread about it.
And really, stop embarrassing yourself here. All we need here is some political heated discussion.
If you can not live without bashing me, again, open new thread about AtariZoll, and write there whatever want. Write there that he is mass murderer - in name of free speech. Then, when someone complains, Miguel (why I think that it is just another username for you ?) can defend you - and say that it is all OK, you have right to write whatever want.
One more for ignore list.

Now I am also "Miguel"?
More than a thousand adapted games, but not a hit like Sherlock Holmes.
I'm sure you know more countries that have suffered communism, but a Yugoslav who corrects a native Australian speaking English ... that shows the level of self-centeredness that you have.
Sorry to disappoint you, but your Youtube channel, your reflections and your time are not the center of the world. Do not hold a grudge, surely I have not been the first to call you an idiot and I will not be the last.
Now I understand why so many Atari gurus avoid being here: your presence is toxic.
Having you blocked is a relief, so we can talk about Atari and not your censoring practices.
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Fuji Shaped Bastard
Fuji Shaped Bastard
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Re: Something positive, for change

Postby AtariZoll » Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:36 am

This should stop now. Any moderator here ?
Just to mention - I really never wanted to come out with personal things here, but let's do it for this once : I was born in Hungary. My father participated in anti Sowiet, anti communistic revolution in 1956. So, our family escaped to Yugoslavia. So, I would ask Atarieterno to apologize in the name of my father and all victims who lost many in that revolution, and in communistic time overall. Talking about things you know nothing is really not good idea. Shame on you Atarieterno .
Don't come here back, don't abuse your right of free speech. You can not say anything positive. Sit down and reconsider your attitude, your views about this World. That's an friendly advice from someone much older than you. And fact that I say this things mean that I'm now really angry. Don't push this farther.
Negative feedback has usually positive effect.

Fuji Shaped Bastard
Fuji Shaped Bastard
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Re: Something positive, for change

Postby AtariZoll » Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:39 am

And again something positive: "Well I assumed, oops. I will try to delete my comment now.... but maybe all I can do is edit"
Although, nothing is deleted, edited so far ...

If there is any moderator, please close/lock this thread. Although, banning of someone would be much better solution, I'm sure.
Negative feedback has usually positive effect.

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Re: Something positive, for change

Postby mfro » Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:36 am

AtariZoll wrote:If there is any moderator, please close/lock this thread. Although, banning of someone would be much better solution, I'm sure.

The classic "arsonist yelling for the fire brigade". I guess if you torched it, you'll have to stand it.

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