WHICH IS THE BEST BREAKOUT? Tonic Tile (ST) vs Giganoid (Amiga)!!!

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WHICH IS THE BEST BREAKOUT? Tonic Tile (ST) vs Giganoid (Amiga)!!!

Postby saviopavwala » Sat May 18, 2019 12:19 pm

Well last months "Which Is Best?" saw Speedball go against Speedball 2, in the end it was Speedball 2 that one the battle,...BUT it wasn't a landslide, many voted for SB1 but it was SB2 that won the victory in the end, so thanks for the tons of votes, it was cool to see what all you felt about those 2 classics.
So, here we are, another month on and I bring you the June edition of "Which Is Best?" and this time I put 2 breakout clones head to head and 2 16-bit machines head to head at the same time,...Tonic Tile (ST) vs Giganoid (Amiga),...no Arkanoid votes please :wink:
All votes are officially counted on the actual Youtube video but please feel free to express the feelings about these 2 games here :D


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