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Game Release: 8bit-Slicks Online Racer for Apple, Atari, C64

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:27 am
by 8bitDude
It was 18 months in the making... but finally I am pleased to announce the release of 8bit-Slicks for the Apple//e, Atari XL, and C64, just in time for the Xmas holiday!

The game supports up-to 4 players, local or online (using the Uthernet, DragonCart or RR-Net). 13 games servers are available, and results are recorded for competitive Ranking. So make sure to download the game and join us for some racing fun this holiday season!

I am now porting the game to the Atmos and Electron (which are also 6502 computers). After that, I will also make ports for 6809 and Z80 computers, so keep tuned!

Cheers, Tony (aka 8bit-Dude)

P.S: Feel free to repost this news and spread the word, the more players online the merrrier!!!