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Re: Magic mac open sourced

Postby Fujiyama » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:16 am

Awesome! Thanks Andreas :D
I just read this and installed it a couple of days ago on OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks).

For those who find the download/installation a little confusing, here's a quick start (as I found it confusing myself):

1) go to the download page as mentioned earlier, click on the "Download" button, then select "Download ZIP" as shown in this screenshot:

2) Unzip the downloaded file, open its folder and locate the "release" subfolder. You'll find "" which you need to double-click to unzip on your Mac

3) Move (or copy) the "AtariX" app over to your Mac's "Applications" folder

4) Now start AtariX as you would any Mac app

5) A message window will pop up saying the following:

6) Within AtariX, go to File - Choose RootFS... where you select folder named MAGIC_C (spelt exactly like that in all upper-case) which you need to create and put anywhere you like on your Mac hard drive (i.e. ~/Documents/AtariX/MAGIC_C)

7) Next, go to File - Revert RootFS... and press the "Create or revert" button.
The needed files will now be created inside that folder.

8) You're done and can now run the emulator by going to File - Run.
If things don't look quite right (resolution etc.) you can change this by going to AtariX - Preferences...
You might need to quit AtariX, then start it again in order for the changes to take effect

9) Some other useful preference changes (in my opinion):
- "Emulator bei programmstart starten" (makes the Atari desktop appear immediately (so you don't have to select File-Run each time you run AtariX)
- "Atari bildschirm" (select the Atari desktop resolution here -personally I want to fill my entire Mac screen with the Atari desktop, so I've chosen my Mac display resolution of 1920x1200 pixels)
- "Atari sprache" (I assumed this would be for selecting the AtariX menu language, or the Atari desktop menu language, but it doesn't change anything so I have no idea what it does -anyone know?)

10) Installing an additional Atari drive:
The Atari boot drive (C) is now already set, but in case you want to add another drive (i.e. "D", "E", "F" etc.), do as follows:

a) Create a new folder on your Mac hard drive with a descriptive name of your choice (i.e. "Atari drive D" or "MAGIC_D" etc.)
b) In AtariX, go to AtariX - Preferences... then click on the "Laufwerke" tab
c) select a drive you want to add (i.e. "D" as shown in the screenshot below) by clicking on it
d) click on "Pfad..." (path) and select the folder you just created on your Mac hard drive (i.e. "Atari drive D" or "MAGIC_D" etc.)

e) quit AtariX, then restart it
f) While in AtariX, within the Atari desktop go to Options - Install drives which will make a new drive icon appear.
To save the setup go to Options - Save options (within the Atari desktop, otherwise known as "MagxDesk" in this configuration) in order to save your new settings

The new drive can be useful for testing out downloaded Atari ST software by moving them over while on the Mac OSX side without accidently deleting/moving/renaming the existing Atari-related files which are on the C drive :wink:
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