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The Japan NetBSD Users' Group.

Postby Atarieterno » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:27 am

The Japan NetBSD Users' Group held booth
at the Open Source Conference 2018 Osaka on Jan.27 2018:


NetBSD/atari - Port history and ATARI Compatible "Millan" board support.
by tsutsui@ ... /0000.html ... 91314.html ... 91315.html ... 91316.html ... 91317.html ... 91318.html ... 91319.html ... 91320.html ... 91321.html ... 91322.html ... 91324.html ... 91554.html


Milan (Atari compatible) running NetBSD/atari 8.0_BETA

XM6i X68030 emulator
- NetBSD/x68k on NetBSD/earmv6hf on RaspberryPI 3

mikutter3.6 on NetBSD/earmv7hf on RaspberryPi2 and OrangePi one ... 60/photo/1

NetBSD Tourist Guide:

Demo Images:

NetBSD-current: after Sun Jan 28 14:22:23 UTC 2018 ... 20Z/atari/

RPI0/1/2/3: earmv6hf ... 04520.html

RPI2/3 and OrangePi One: earmv7hf ... 04525.html

More pictures are available on Togetter page:

Open Source Conference 2018 Hamanako: Jan.27 Osaka,JAPAN

TUNE IN NEXT NetBSD,Same NetBSD-time,Same NetBSD-channel.
Jun Ebihara

Milan con NetBSD.jpg
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