14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

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Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby Altstar » Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:41 am

Does anyone have a copy of the Gerber files? Looks like the site hosting them (one of the first posts) is down.

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Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby JustinPayne » Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:33 am

Any luck hunting those files down?

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Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby stryker1983 » Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:43 am

simbo2 wrote:here is the completed pcb and schematics pdf / project files for proteus vsm you can load into their demo on labcenters site

eventually got it too route correctly
tidy phase two days {{ completed :) }}
where i make it look pretty and work around any miss tracking
widen what i can in relief try avoid washing effects
dont want them to dis in the etch {add thicker tracks where pos and balance the ground planes}

proteus vsm router is mega stupid
and i prefer to route it by mind as i did here
no auto route it just does not work as well as a brain !!!!

youll notice the chip sequence is 43215678
as doing it 12345678 isnt possible
9 hrs so far and plenty of coffee
its sad when you cant add a via under a top side pad {vcc or ground}
i would like to do this but cant

even v8 is poo i use v7.1 sp0 its where my license ends v8 is terrible they stone washed the app...

5 parts

lots of solders , 1xpcb ,2x connectors, 8xchips , 16x bi-pass capacitors 1X electrolytic

28 components a lean build

Gerber files with bugs:
- capacitors (type 0402 ???)
- connectors - does not fit pins on the board
I ordered the PCB which will go to the trash ;-)


Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby Guest » Sat Jan 17, 2015 1:53 am

hey wait a min i only trashed my design because another maker in germany was making 25 or more
its clearly in the posts made about that design

few posts down from this one i made
then the german maker we all know
i tipped the hat too he already made up his design and posted

send too him for a board

i will as a point finish the design anyway

ffffffffffffffffeekefw ijEWOd jfs who;ie wge;oh 'o;inu :megaphone:
man it wasnt a final board ...
if you want a final board order say 25 then its worth my time {easy stuff 20 mins}
thats a bit harsh big bud???? :twisted:
so pissed off???
i dont know what happened but im busy making TT stuff
and made this quite clear in my posts
you actualy made the board without checking in the software all the sizes and setups??
even laser print the board and size it all too bits???

of a board i clearly didnt make a proto of and recommend as working????
recommend make or even any thing it??????
your a nutter.......

ya dafty

terrible... :coffe:

trash old simbo for why

if you had asked me too make you a final design FIRST<<<<
you could then have gathered the bits together
{forage like many mamals } too get all the bits in one place

if you do this for 25 boards man ill make you a final design if you take my design make a proto pcb and send it me


grief now for not making a design OMFG

oh man

some guy not happy ......... well its a :cheers:

ye and caps 04 02 are 4mm long by 2mm wide

ffs get real on components smd

i think you may have got the version with the bad simm socket size
.1mm some pins are out

so what actually was wrong you didnt manage to patch on the board???

if i see an error i bridge or patch it and
tell atleast the maker???

send me the bad design files ... and i can see what up???


life is hard .... :mrgreen: :roll:


Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby Guest » Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:30 am

oh man

i look at this set of posts

its lean....

man mega cut down

what happened to arne??? was it him had this 16MB board layout set out

to produce

the german maker is gone


i want some varify
will i fix to perfect my design ... for this

???? wtf.... all files gone past mine :|


Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby Guest » Sat Jan 17, 2015 2:40 am

now i see

this topic has been reduced by about 8 pages .... oh man

the design your talking about maybe the 16MB by chips

did you use the right ic's?


Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby Guest » Sun May 24, 2015 7:51 pm


ive had time to rework the design for the 1 4 8 or 16 MB
some say its a 14MB upgrade but this isnt true because the falcon uses 2MB for tos
so all 16MB is used but only 14MB availible to the system
so is a flat board with smd mounted components except the dil memory connections headers
and size constrain select jumpers
so it uses 16MB of FPM 60ns 5v as 8 ics i can provide a few numbers
but any type of soj chips fpm 5v will work

no simm socket or sticky out bits

ill rework in the next few days the pcb as i am waiting for bits for other things got a few stram boards to do also
so i have some time to burn
so... posted is the before {pdf} and after
i found out {realised my mistake}

anyway board number 2 please and a bit of soldering

if i get 25 orders after i proof it then ill do a run

perhaps someone else would just like to take on making the design
ill try make it 2 layers with as few a thrus as possible
so solder links can be used and easy home fab

well after checking over the old design and the new one

the only problem i see is the added size jumper ill add this to the older design and repost it
its the same pinouts once i work it back

ill make one then post the final board.. nice and easy... out with the uv box and printer again!!

was thinking about using 32bit smd ram ics and make a space to rise the rom out of...

not sure its of use .. to many

ill fix the older design as its fine im sure... ill do some meter tests and see if the actual hardware i have does the dance with a simm chipset.. as a single side

out with the chart and chip data sheets again and solve the issues
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Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby Guest » Sun May 24, 2015 9:47 pm

so looking for help ?? ... :D

as we need ras 0 1 and cas 0 1 then four 16bit FPM 8MB smd ics are needed
two either side of a square space {easy stuff} top and bottom
but will need to be a four layer pcb
this is the best just use an old working 16MB 8 chip fpm 5 v 60ns simm and strip off the ics
as usual
if your doing it at home i use now a dremil and cut the sim to chip size then cut off the left overs
{use a face mask do it outside}
then desolder whats left with minimal heat
i no longer use heat or hot air to remove smd from simms
for sure too many failed ics..
changed to this method
no fails ,... and lots and lots of ics all nice and clean

strip a simm use a dremil and a few carbon fine thin disks or a diamond disk .5m or 1mm and do five pins groups
best way for sure like boneing a fish in reverse up the middle then accross and in the middle of each ic
+ then up the outside
they fall into parts ics with just 5 pins now on a bit of pcb so easy to
use a dip in liquid flux first then a long tip to flick off the leftover pcb pads and nice a clean for resolder

min heat max reuse
be sure to earth yourself and use tin foil that is earthed etc
or some ic foam or an anti static bag
with the falcon
you can.. also just plug in a rom cart with any tos on rom on the cart
the trick is to use a development cart and a tos 4 chip as the loader
i was told some years ago it scans other magic numbers
perhaps someone with digital capture can see what magic numbers are requested from a cart
i bet its more than one

not seen it done but it sounds like an easy thing to load over to to a riser block
given other makers of flash tos it wont be long till the software and flash ic is multibank avalible

makes it avalible while adding the update to the ram


some help with 16bit 16MByte ics is need {needs an or gate for just two ics'}
2 per board... makes 32bit 16MB and a space for rom breakout easily

i dont mind doing the pcb donkey work
just help with finding bits and ic;s that work
16 bit data 16 mega bytes wide can be internally double banked or ill just add signals with logic


Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby Guest » Sun May 24, 2015 10:33 pm

ye no probs

the new pcb will be simple

8 pads for recovered simm chips from a 16 mb simm 2 each side of the rom riser hole
1,4 or 16MB{14} digital selectable {small pic ic and one button uses its internal eeprom or you can send it a nibble via rs232 while the machine is held in reset}
so 8 pin pic 8 dram ics 16 smd bypass and 2 x 10uf caps
one button
if i use the spare two i/os on the pic you can have button select internal or external rom
you can hold the machine in reset and select the memory then let go reset it should recount the ram
or use the cold reset keys from tos after having first clicked over too the new ram setting using the button

will have a square in the right place {ill measure up }
for a rom riser or piggy pack to the placed ic just solder on a socket to the ic
and use the EN pin to enable onboard rom or external port... :cheers:

easy stuff

just must be a 4 layer board for sure...
and some leds to let you know what state its in not sure about the purests case guys...
but i added lots of leds and etc too mine like tatoos... for sure...
many left over mods..lol:::: :contract:

and a garden light from the garage solar cell 5v via diode perfect

keeps my nvram ML2032 tip top use a 2.5mm socket and add a cable stick it in the window
while the falcon hides out the sun . even in the locker...


Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby Guest » Wed May 27, 2015 5:00 pm

here is the two ways i see it

choice 2 is byte mode choice 1 is nibble mobe

think the falcon is byte

offs need to go sit on the bog and read the service and chipset guide again

fekl.... i already know its byte mode ras cas ... omg i need a holiday...
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Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby Guest » Wed May 27, 2015 5:12 pm

can someone pm me the simm gerber files and etc from page 1 it seems i cant download it or find it


Re: 14mb board (various docs, pinout, ctr14 gerber files)

Postby Guest » Wed May 27, 2015 6:28 pm

well after a good dump i got to byte level is fine

so the pcb design i made is ripped up

and byte mode rules ill check it out tonight as i have spare time

so here is a counter that will count down till some pcb will be availible
found the site online
its worth a try
ill add to the pcb design as needed
and post the design files

design 2 byte level cas ras is whats right i think for soj 11 bit mem address

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