Problem with Geneva

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Problem with Geneva

Postby Kroll » Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:11 pm

I would like ask users of Geneva. I have two problems with GENEVA:

1. When I run computer Atari falcon on 060 mode I have the problem after loading Nedodesk, sometime computer reset, sometime I have on the screen standard 060 arror etc. On the some configuration but in 030 mode it is working without any problem.

2 Second problem with Geneva not working at all with MiNT.I add the line GEM=C:/GENEVA/GENEVA.PRG in MInt.cnf I see on the screen starting informartion GENEVA, Multitasking ..., Release 1.8 etc., mouse is working, at all, not loading Nedodesk I have to reset computer. The same effect i have on Atari falcon and Atari TT.

What do you thing about it. Do you noticed similar problems ?

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Re: Problem with Geneva

Postby joska » Fri Apr 06, 2018 7:27 am

Geneva does not work properly on 040 and 060 from my experience. Something that could be fixed when the source is released.

As for MiNT compatibility... Well, it wasn't exactly stable back when Dan actively developed Geneva, and MiNT has evolved a lot since then. I would not expect it to work at all with current MiNT kernels. You might want to go back to MiNT 1.12 if you really want to use Geneva with MiNT.
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