Syquest 270MB Drive - broken locking bit

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Syquest 270MB Drive - broken locking bit

Postby FatRakoon » Sat Nov 04, 2017 11:49 pm

I have one of these drives and it does work absolutely perfectly, however, I do have a problem with the locking mechanism.

The little lever bit that locks the disk in place, wont lock it down.

On the handle, was a small plastic bit, and this broke off some years ago, and so, what I did, was use a small screwdriver to sort of push it into place, but not that no longer seems to do the trick.

I am now thinking if there is any possible chance, that I can get hold of one of those drives? Even a broken one ( although not broken in the same way as mine lol )

It is such a shame really because they are pretty amazing devices... I even have a 44MB one still working but that uses 5.25" sized disks instead of 3.5" ones
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