Ticking sound from Falcon PSU

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Ticking sound from Falcon PSU

Postby SILICA » Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:36 pm

Hi, Im new writing in the fórum, have been Reading it a while, I bought the falcon PSU kit for repairing my falcon PSU, but I still get a ticking noise from the PSU and also the 12V blue cable is unstable... it moves up and down from 4V to 8V then I test it with the multimeter, dont know where to
go from here, could the chips on the PSU board be gone? or the resistors? ... All caps are new from the exxos kit, everything looks good.
The PSU did this noise before recapping with the kit, (also the Falcon doesnt start at all, no light, no noise from floppy)...

If anyone have any idea I would be gratefull, want to save this nice machine ;-)

Thanks and have a nice weekend.

Retro freak
Retro freak
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Re: Ticking sound from Falcon PSU

Postby Lynxman » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:10 pm

Ticking sound from PSU maybe is a shortcut between any of the voltage to ground.
If 12V is unstable you should set the Focus on the 12V line.
Maybe testing the PSU with some Resistors (for e.g. 470 Ohm 5W). If no ticking sound anymore, you should chck the Flacon board for shortcut.
If ticking continues ou have to search the shortcut at the PSU.

Please note: the kind of PSU used in the Falcon needs some consumer load for testing.

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