Recordings of all Big Alec's Atari ST music

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Stefan jL
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Recordings of all Big Alec's Atari ST music

Postby Stefan jL » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:18 pm

This summer did i record all Atari ST (known) music by "Big Alec" from my ST. I have added them to my OSV webpage (Original Sound Version) :)

Some tunes had different sounding drums wich could be caused by the replayer but not even Big Alec himself did know if that was correct as he did spend much time on perfecting the drumsounds and there might be several version of the same music with just some small variation... like different drum sounds.

Also the history behind the tune called "Musical Wonder" is a mystery, it sounds like it would be an early (and looping) version of "Stand By", it can first be found in "Grazey's Zak Hacks 2" (around 1993 i think?) ripped by Animal Mine with the filename "BA2PLACE"... the "Musical Wonder" name is by Grazey i think?

Those recordings are in OGG Vorbis format and i have added info tags on all of them, many with help of Big Alec.

BTW: It's more complete than the current SNDH archive :wink:

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Re: Recordings of all Big Alec's Atari ST music

Postby Kreese » Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:14 am

Great stuff! Thanks Stefan. I especially like the PYM songs!

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