Serial killer ;)

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Serial killer ;)

Postby MadDonna » Fri Oct 08, 2004 12:46 pm

[edited: 8-9-2004, 19.07]

Hi folks,

The only thing I really wanted to do is to play Gods. But getting the ST files from my PeeCee to my ST was a disaster. Tried to write them to discs with my pc-diskdrive, that failed. Tried other, direct disc options, those failed too.
I had already a nice null modem cable and tried Ghostlink, and even failed too. Until I was browsing through my old ST User discs, I found two programs that helped me, Harlekin and a bunch of serial patches:
serial killers
version 2 of Harlekin , packed into a ST Review disc

I installed Harlekin, nice program for other targets too, and dropped the turbocts program in my auto folder on the C: drive.


With Harlekin 2 I could set the speed of the rs232 easily to 19200.


And now it works! Not fast, but it works I can connect to all of my drives on my XP machine now. I am happy :D


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