Ultrasatan not recognised.

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Ultrasatan not recognised.

Postby Encolpius » Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:34 pm

Hello there,

Earlier this week I received an Ultrasatan and it worked straight off with my old STFM. No problems. Until I somehow managed to murder said STFM by accidentally unplugging the Ultrasatan while in use and now the DMA chip is busted.

Not to worry, I had an allegedly "4 meg" STE (it wasn't actually, so someone's getting negative eBay feedback) coming so I thought I'd await that. Tonight I got it, only to find it won't even recognise the Ultrasatan. The Ultrasatan powers on fine, green light, flash flash on the red lights, and seems to recognise that there's two SD cards inserted. But when it's plugged to the STE, the STE won't detect it and simply goes ahead with looking for a floppy to boot from.

Is there any reason why this might be? I've levered open said STE and checked inside and it has the so-called "good" DMA chip. But It won't detect the Ultrasatan. It won't even show the whole Ultrasatan boot screen. Is there any way in which I can rectify this? Unless I've managed to wreck it in the same event that stuffed up my other ST's DMA chip.

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