PS2 joypad to Atari ST joystick and mouse converter projects

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PS2 joypad to Atari ST joystick and mouse converter projects

Postby christos » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:46 pm


if you like take a look at my two projects to connect a playstation 2 controller as an Atari ST joystick or mouse. Both projects work on my system and it was fun doing them. I also learned quite a bit about how the Atari joystick and mouse works and I have to say that they are both ingenious in their simplicity and puzzling at the same time. Still it was fun doing them and I was actually surprised noone had done it before on an Arduino (I think exxos had made an adapter in the past). I think I am done for now, I ordered a bluetooth module to make something better ;)

So take a look at github:

and a couple of videos.
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