Ultra Satan and Internal Floppy Drive

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Ultra Satan and Internal Floppy Drive

Postby mattsoft » Mon Jul 02, 2018 8:20 pm

Hello all -

I have a Mega ST 2 with an Ultra Satan connected to the external ACSI port. I'm using PP's hard disk drivers and the Ultra Satan works quite well. I always thought that my floppy drive on the Mega was broken because when I go to format a disk in drive A it would fail.

Well, yesterday I connected the Ultra Satan to my 1040STe and the same thing happened. Now, this floppy drive I know works! So I unplugged the Ultra Satan and sure enough, I can format a disk in drive A on the 1040STe. Then I tried my Mega ST 2 and the floppy drive works too!

But when I plug in and turn on the Ultra Satan, I get errors on the internal floppy drives.

Anyone familiar with this? Thanks!

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