Pair of none workin SM124

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Pair of none workin SM124

Postby Phelar » Thu Mar 22, 2018 6:39 pm


Have spend a couple of hours on these two SM124 but with no progress.
So, both of them seems to act the same way, not at all.
The green led dosent turn on. Have tried to messure voltage accordingly to the steps in the service manual.
No DC over filtercap C905 and nothing through the 7812 regulator. Then ive messured AC over the PT secondary. The service manual tells me
to messure P4 and P5 for 17VAC, these point are one side of the primary winding and one side of the secondary, i dont grab that?
So at these points i get 25VAC on one of the moniors and 230VAC on the second. The manual tells me that if i dont have 17VAC at P4 and P5 the transformer is gone, else its the switch.
Need some help here

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