1040STE - Cold state issues

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1040STE - Cold state issues

Postby JG53_Jaguar » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:40 pm

Hi All,

In 2000, I was given to me 1040 STE (4MB). The machine is in pristine condition as it wasn't used that much. I had it in my closet for 17 ears now. I haven taken it out few times but just to play with it for an hour or so. In October this year, I have decided to have some real fun with the computer, I want to learn 68000 assembly - just for a fun and play some old games like Battle of Britain, Xenon 2 etc. I bought ultrasatan (great piece of hardware) and I'm really enjoying myself.

However, since October i'm having some issues with the STE. When the machine is cold and say in the morning I turn it on for the first time, as the machine goes through the TOS mem test (TOS 2.06 installed), quite a few mem blocks are showing "x" rather than the usual "-". See attached picture for details. Once the test is finished, TOS boots to the desktop it locks up and displays 4 bombs. I let the computer stay like this for say about 5 minutes then I simply reset the machine/power off/on and the mem test passes nicely and I can use the machine whole day no problem.

Considering that the machine is 26 years old, it could be anything. The first thing I did was opened the computer and took a look at the motherboard (I didn't take the motherboard completely out) and it looks in great condition...like new. I figured it could be the old PSU, so I bought a new one from exxoshost.co.uk and installed it. The PSU upgrade needed to be done but it didn't fix the problem. So now, I checked the 4MB mem simms...contacts are clean, I also took out the M68000 out of its socket and put it back in...still the same problem. I'm not an electrician, even though I was able to replace/solder the new PSU into the computer. I'm at a loss right now thinking what the problem could it, it has to be temperature related...maybe a cold contact on the motherboard somewhere ? Old solder that is cold state is failing, once the computer is warm the bad solder is not causing problems anymore. My father is an electrician but before we take the motherboard out and start checking every single solder I would like to kindly ask for your help, if you have seen this kind of issue with ST before.


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