MegaSTE weird problem

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MegaSTE weird problem

Postby charliefrown » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:35 pm


I have a Mega STE with hardware issue I cant explain. I need to wait a very long time for it to boot like over 2 minutes.
Even with floppy cables and hdd controller removed I have to wait such a long time and it fails to boot to desktop showing me some info about drive A: (see picture)


Is this normal?

When I try to boot with any any floppy written with FloImage inserted it gives me those nasty bombs (2 and sometimes 3, depending on a disk).
If I wait 2 minutes or so after turning on (and removing the floppy) disk it shows above screen, if I put the floppy in the drive and I choose "NOCHMAL'' it shows GEM Desktop and I can run apps, format floppy without any issues.

I'd be grateful if you could give me any tips.
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