MegaSTE Maxtor 7120s and ICDLink II

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MegaSTE Maxtor 7120s and ICDLink II

Postby alyre » Sun Jul 23, 2017 2:52 pm


I have a working Maxtor 7210s from my TT (several partitions). I want to connect it to my MegaSte to transfer files. The MegaSte has a working internal drive, set up and booting using HD Driver 7. The Maxtor has two blocks of jumpers. The first pair of each is jumpered by default from what I read. The terminator resistors are in place. The jumpers that are in four pairs (J601) have pairs 1 and 3 jumpered (that's what worked on the TT). There are five sets in the other (J602). Again, from that I read, jumpering (9-10) gives you ID 1, (7-8) gives your ID 2 and so on. I set it to ID 1. The internal drive is not terminated as per instructions for a Mega STE. The machine boots and I see the 4 partitions come up for the internal drive but HD driver does not find the second drive. I did briefly see it come up with an ID check when I had the ID set to 2 but haven't been able to replicate the event nor did it ever show the partitions. I am at a loss to figure out what is wrong. Can anyone help me out? The ICD link does have power, the LED light is on.



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