Welcome to the hardware section! Please read BEFORE posting!

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Welcome to the hardware section! Please read BEFORE posting!

Postby Greenious » Tue Jan 22, 2008 6:29 pm

Welcome to the hardware section of atari-forum.com!

Please notice that this section is dedicated to the ST/STE series hardware.

Atari Falcon030 and TT users are welcome to post their hardware related questions here!

All the old sticky posts & guides have been moved to a new sub-forum, please look there before posting any questions that are likely to have been answered before, such as, but not limited to:

- "How do I repair my old Atari XXX, it's been sitting in my attic for XX years"
- "My floppy doesn't seem to work? Can I replace it or repair it?

etc etc.

Don't miss out on our wiki!
You can find a lot of useful information there, some fixes, some mods, and why not create your own wiki account and add to the content?

Also, use the search function, many questions are also answered in the old posts.

Do not be afraid of bringing up older, relevant, threads. Sometimes a subject is discussed without a good answer, but who knows, bringing it up again can reveal new information.

When you are browsing this forum, you will from time to time encounter a post from a member of the Hardware Team. These persons are people that has repeatedly proven that they possess intricate knowledge of the hardware aspect of the Atari, and thus has been honored with membership in the Hardware Team.

This honor is not just for anyone, because you not only have to have great knowledge of hardware, you must also be willing to share your knowledge and generally be a nice chap. We also honor those selling hardware with a proven record of keeping promises.

Although we do not give any guarantees, those honored with a membership in the hardware team has by actions in the past proven themselves.

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