Trackball "Marconi" (made in UK).

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Trackball "Marconi" (made in UK).

Postby Atarieterno » Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:51 am

Hi guys;
I only want to share my experience with the Marconi trackball.
Although it is not the first trackball I use, I bought one at the end of the 80s but I have lost it in some box at my parents' house, recently I bought this Marconi because it came with other devices.
Its interior is designed to withstand earthquakes, wars and even the visit of the mother-in-law: huge steel shafts supported by bearings! (perhaps he is the heir of the first trackball that the Canadian Navy manufactured in 1952 to control a radar device) with a mechanical system that uses optical encoding discs, opaque but perforated, that can let pass or interrupt infrared signals of a led diode and thus coding the displacement X and Y. The interior construction is very robust and the large diameter of the ball and the rollers makes them little sensitive to dirt.

Marconi - 01.jpg

Marconi - 02.jpg

Marconi - 03.jpg

However, the plastic of the outer case is weaker and brittle, in fact the part between the buttons and the sphere was broken and produced an unpleasant touch.
To repair that break, I have chosen to cut a strip of plastic with enough thickness, to stick it on the inside and also screw it with two small screws that will ensure that reinforcement.

Marconi - 04.jpg

Marconi - 05.jpg

The Marconi trackball works smoothly and precisely, perhaps much better with a motion accelerator accessory because it resembles the 21st century speed standards. I still prefer an Atari mouse with the Lavago laser mechanism, but this trackball is ideal for places where there is not enough space to move a mouse.
Here we see it with all its splendor next to the Mega STe:

Marconi - 06.jpg
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Re: Trackball "Marconi" (made in UK).

Postby Atari74user » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:48 am

Nice, this has reminded me of a family trip when I was a boy. I remember I was on the train with my mother and father as we pass the old Marconi factory going to London, my mother tries to inform me, "look, look at that factory, that is where they make macaroni". My father and I look at each other and burst into laughter, "no mum, it's actually a telecommunications company", close, but not quite. I still laugh at that story!
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