1st Guide... and more wanted

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1st Guide... and more wanted

Postby MetalCruncher » Wed Jan 24, 2018 1:06 am

1st Guide is an splendid little file viewer which runs as ACC, Besides showing text it can display GEM-fonts,
play samples and some MPEGs and some JPGs. In the latter case it outperforms picture-viewers like IMGCopy
(loading, decoding and dithering). Text-files can link as a simple alternative to STGuides HYPs.
All archives of it only contain the program itself and a short manual-doc - NO technical documentation!
The short doc. ends with "get the full package with tools (for making hypertexts etc.)".
Does anybody have the full package or full documantation - does it even exist?

I have a book "Software for the Atari", it's not a catalogue but a real book with all the programs the authors
could find at the time with description, screenshots and a short evaluation. Unfortunately if the developers
were French the last remark is usually "excellent application - French only!" And it seems to have stayed
that way ever since! In fact not too many German programs have been tranlated; but with the French it's
close to zero!
One of those is "Le Redacteur" (a rather large word-processor), does an English or German tranlation exist?

Finally the usual "Geneva-desperation": Tools and programs made for Geneva???
Rather weird none of the crackers ever bothered to include any of the tools and utilities for Geneva, and I've
never come across any apps made specifically for Geneva...

Oh... any chance of documentation for text formats? Quite a lot of older programs have a manual in ".DOC"
(1st word or what ever) usually illegible in a normal viewer - close to pure ASCII but with lots of control chars
hurting your eyes.
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Re: 1st Guide... and more wanted

Postby mikro » Wed Jan 24, 2018 2:06 am

Hm, the latest archive I have is the same as here: http://sylvana.net/1stguide/

Then I could find only the attached (and veeeery old) archives, nothing newer than that. :-/

However he seems to be quite active and the website alive, so why not writing him an email?
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Atari User
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Re: 1st Guide... and more wanted

Postby MetalCruncher » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:58 am

Just downloaded and tested your ZIPs, though old they seem to do the trick, at least the hypertext part works with last version
of 1stGuide (same as the page you linked to). THX!
Guess everything is relative; nothing happened to 1stGuide nor the "homepage" the last twenty years...

I'm still hoping someone has a clue about some of the ".DOC" formats from now obscure texteditors. I've got a million DOCs, which
are hard to read, eventhough most in principal are just ASCII texts. For example the early 1st Word coudn't do anything else than
choosing between regular sysfont and sysfont in bold or italics, yet the files are in a format close to illegible, besides the needed
control for style every single space is replaced with a character! And way into the nineties everybody making texteditors agreed
to disagree about the fileformat - and those who didn't bother to compile a STGuide-HYP just wrote a DOC in their fave. editor,
making it up to the user to figure out how to actually display the bloody manual.

CORRECTION: 1st Guide doesn't show fonts - it is "Binview" doing that.
Cubase, (Mega)ST(e)(fm), TT, Falcon, Jaguar, MiST.

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