Is Someone Familiar with WordUp?

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Is Someone Familiar with WordUp?

Postby ScottChi » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:52 pm

Hi All,

I am attempting to go through all of my old Atari ST and Falcon 030 files and preserve the ones I want to keep. Several of these are in WordUp (*.WUP) format. Unfortunately, the only installed copy of WordUp that I have is on a Syquest 88 cartridge that is no longer readable. So I dug around until I found the original 5-disk set of installation floppies, and there's a read error on #4. I went through my boxes of Atari floppies and I found a backup set (WordUp 3.0), and sure enough, that one also has a read error on disk #4. I'm starting to wonder if there's a problem with my Falcon Rack's floppy drive, but it's been working well otherwise.

So I have a hundred or so old *.WUP files from the early 90s that I would like to examine and preserve, but no way to read them.

My questions are as follows.
1. Are there any programs that can take a WordUp format file and convert it to other formats?
2. Are there any other word processing programs that can import WUP format files?
3. Are there any known sources of the WordUp word processing software still around? I checked the stessential site, but it is not there.
4. Is there any problem using WordUp on the Falcon 030? Around the time I got the Falcon I switched to using AtariWorks for word processing. I'm curious why I didn't install WordUp on the Falcon's internal drive as it still has plenty of space.

If anyone has another idea to read these files, I'm willing to try it. I tried extracting the text string content from a WUP file to see if it contained readable text, but no luck there.

Many thanks for your help,

Scott C. in Cary, NC USA

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Re: Is Someone Familiar with WordUp?

Postby Dal » Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:42 am

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