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ST Trans

Postby Mr.JT » Thu Jun 29, 2017 8:20 pm


So after battling trying to connect my ST Book to a PC / Mac through various emulators and USB adapters with no luck (and therefore assuming it was one of the above causing the issue) I've finally got my book next to my falcon. I'm trying to use STTrans on both machines to transfer data as it's the only thing I have on my stbook. Does anyone know how this program is supposed to work?! I've tried every marching setting on both machines for baud rates etc. Checked the control panel, tried master on one slave on the other and vice versa, and even soldered my own cable to Atari pinout schematics wondering if they are different to a Standard null modem cable! But nothing happens... slave just sits there saying 'slave st'. Master eventually just gives up and shows the blank st trans screen with menus at the top...

What is supposed to happen? Is there a trick in timing in terms of pressing slave/master in the computers?

Driving me crazy!!!


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