Running Hyperpaint 1/2 and Hyperdraw in Hatari w. GDOS

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Running Hyperpaint 1/2 and Hyperdraw in Hatari w. GDOS

Postby Hazzardus » Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:30 am

I'm going through all my old artwork, some of which was in ST format gallery back in the day, and for the life of me I can't setup a decent working environment in Hatari. I have the boxed copies of Hyperpaint and Hyperdraw that came with my 1040STFM, but my GDOS disks won't read anymore probably due to age. My Mega STE has it installed and all works, but I'd much rather use Hatari so I can convert my files easier to png or something.

I had the 1040STFM with the 20 game powerpack folder with the grey disks, and the other pack with the blue disks that had Thrust, Return to Genesis, buggy boy, etc, and it came with 6 GDOS disks that were yellow?

Remember buying it from Evesham Micros around 1988-89 and it came with a few other boxed games like Borodino, Formula 1, Joe blade etc.

Don't know whether it matters what colour disks they were, but which version of GDOS do I need to find? And then how would I get a setup that I can run Hyperdraw/paint 1/2 and also Canvas, Ani ST and Deluxe paint if it's even possible.
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