Atari Mega 60 and SupraDrive 52mb

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Atari Mega 60 and SupraDrive 52mb

Postby TimothyKline » Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:37 pm

Good afternoon, everyone!

I am about as noob and naive as anyone can be about the 16-bit line (I'm an 8-bitter), but over the course of last year I accumulated various 16-bit hardware items.

Among them, a Mega 60 and 52mb SupraDrive, both apparently loaded with files and software.

I also purchased the UltraSatan from Lotharek, thinking it'd be the solution to pulling off all of the pre-existing software from the drives. I must've thought wrong, because I can't seem to get the UltraSatan going. Probably because I have a TOS that is too old, and replacing that seems more trouble than it's worth, given that I have a Mega ST4 with 2 x 28-pin TOS 1.02 chips. If I understand things (and I'm sure I do NOT), the replacement 2.06 chips that seem to get recommended by the majority of conversations I've read come with more pins and I'd have to do additional work.

And, of course, I can't figure out how to get BOTH the Mega 60 and the SupraDrive to play nice (ID is culprit, I imagine), that rules out just making sure both drives have the same or a combination of existing files as space allows.

So, before I totally give up on this side project and dispose of the ST gear entirely just to save myself some grief, I'm hoping someone here knows how I can backup the software off the hard drives.

I did try the netusbee's ethernet with uipTools but unless there's a more efficient method of getting files and folders (Norton Commander/Total Commander anyone?), I gave up that approach after clicking each individual file for over a half hour, followed with the obligatory Save As in by browser. If there IS a way to use the netUSBee's ethernet so that I can just grab the folders/files in a marked batch, I'm listening.

Beyond that, I've been at this for several weeks now and I'm even more convinced that I'm better off with the 8-bit computing, as the 16-bit is just too convoluted for what (in my mind) should be a simple task.

Heck, even if I could just pop one of my 1mb flash drives onto the netUSBee's USB port, that seems a viable option. Unfortunately, I could find nothing beyond a USB mouse driver-- and even that doesn't appear to be working with any of the mice I have.

Thank you, in advance for your time and any suggestions you may have.

Weary from the wear-and-tear,


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