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Re: News on my GEM applications

Postby Rajah Lone » Mon May 28, 2018 9:36 pm

PolarSSL.ldg release 8: blog or directly
- built on latest (and end of 1.3.x branch) of mbedTLS 1.3.22, with numerous fixes.
- zlib is no more used (lack of security and deflate problems, libz.a is dated year 2013 in my cross-compiler).

Deflate.ldg release 5
: blog or directly
- built on latest zlib 1.2.11 with fixes on deflate function.

Please use them with caution at first. It's OK on compiling and testing on my configuration, but there are sometime bad surprises. Previous releases are still available in the archives folders.

During my tests, I have noticed Gmail could not be accessed any more from the Troll, even with TLSv1.2. The authentification fails because Gmail wants the OAuth 2.0 mecanism which is not implemented in Troll and Meg. If you would like to access your Gmail once again, please let me know, and I will study this AUTH=OAUTH method (not a promise, it may be impossible to support it).

Note that the 1.3 branch of the mbedTLS is at end of life. Upgrade the current .ldg to the 2.x branch may be uneconomical (lot of work, few advantages) unless it's absolutly necessary.

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