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Obsessive compulsive Atari behavior
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Instant Graphics and Sound (IGS)

Postby Kirkman » Sun Jun 09, 2019 1:18 pm

Hey everyone,

This year I learned about the existence of "Instant Graphics and Sound", which was a cool Atari ST-based system for displaying vector graphics, animations, and sounds over a BBS. It was very similar to the later RIPscrip that became popular on PC BBSes.

I have found several versions of IGS editors and terminal .ACCs archived online. But what I'm looking for now are examples of .IG animations and graphics. These definitely existed. It seems like IGS had a decent ecosystem on the Atari for a while. For example, I found the following in a list of Atari ST files on GEnie, but they don't appear to be archived anywhere else online that I can find.

Code: Select all

14053 IG_GRAFX.ARC             X S.TURNBULL   900218   13860    191   7
      Desc: WILD animations for Instant Graphics

14239 IG_GRFX2.ARC             X S.TURNBULL   900303   12600    151   7
      Desc: Amazing movies on your local BBS!

14956 IG_GRFX3.ARC             X S.TURNBULL   900422   21420    148   7
      Desc: Incredible on-line graphics!!

14930 UNIV_I.LZH               X J.NOWAK1     900420    7560     71   7
      Desc: Universal IG setup for BBS Express

14015 IGS_UTIL.ARC             X A.RAU1       900215   12600     64   7
      Desc: Use to correct scrolling problem!

13744 IGS_ED01.LZH             X ST.REPORT    900124  103320     99   7

18917 IGS_STAT.ARC  (DEMO)     X J.CLARKE6    910406   15120     34  10
      Desc: GEM desktop interface for BBS, demo

16478 IG215_B.ARC              X L.MEARS      900912   25200     85   7
      Desc: Fixed IG215.EMU v2.15b

16475 IG215X.ARC               X L.MEARS      900912  127260    136   7
      Desc: Instant Graphics! v2.15 ACC

16327 IGCLIP15.ARC             X L.MEARS      900829   18900    137   7
      Desc: DEGAS to Instant Graphics! convert

Does anyone here have any of these? Or, does anyone here have their own collection of .IG files?

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Re: Instant Graphics and Sound (IGS)

Postby DarkLord » Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:37 am

/sigh... Wish I had saved my work from then.

Thought I did but I can't find anything backed up now. :(
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