DE10-Lite instead of Nano for Arcade only?

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DE10-Lite instead of Nano for Arcade only?

Postby bytestorm » Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:45 am

Hello everyone, Stefan from Sweden here :)

I am in the middle of ordering a new dev board and was more leaning towards the DE10-Lite before I came to this forum.
My interest is in the Arcade Cores only and the reason that I was considering the Lite version was to get to use the Max10 fpga, since it still has a xQFN pack (for easier pcb proto).

Anyone else using this "lite max10" dev board instead of the DE10-nano?
If so, are there any pros and cons I need to be aware of? (more than modifying the core for the max10)
Are there any addons availible for the DE10-Lite board that I need to run the arcade cores?

Thanks for your time!

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