AMIGA: MIST vs Pi3 vs Vampire/real Amiga (4000?)

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Re: AMIGA: MIST vs Pi3 vs Vampire/real Amiga (4000?)

Postby farvardin » Thu Aug 24, 2017 6:51 pm

@Atarieterno: I can understand your ressentiment, and several other Atari-users might feel this too. You probably feel like the atari-forum had been hijacked by MiST users, including Amiga admirers. Well, in a way, it sometimes looks like there are more new messages about MiST (and MiSTer) than about Atari releases.

But on the other hand, many people, including me, are getting exposed to Atari news while they were checking the forum. So it's all the benefit for the Atari community. I am on several retro computing forums (C64, Spectrum, Amstrad), but it's the atari-forum I visit the most.

About the original topic, I own a MiST and a raspberry pi, and I find it more pleasant to play (amiga) games on the MiST than on a computer through emulation. But I'll have a look at the Amibian distribution anyway!

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Re: AMIGA: MIST vs Pi3 vs Vampire/real Amiga (4000?)

Postby nightshadowpt » Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:22 am

Ok, so going back on topic, this is the information I get from SysInfo on my MiST:

12.9x the speed of a A600
5.6x the speed of a A1200
1.47x the speed of a A3000
0.37x the speed of a A4000

So Sorgelig is right, nowhere near an A4000, but faster than any other Amiga.

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