USB power mod (for experienced users)

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USB power mod (for experienced users)

Postby Sorgelig » Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:55 pm

If you tired to use active bulky USB hubs, then you can make following mod:

Basically you need to exclude USB driver chip U7(TPS2553) which tends to report over-current state to USB chip. To exclude it, you need to short its pin 1 and pin 6. The easy accessible points to short are shown on picture - the wire connecting 2 capacitors.
With this mod micro-USB will get the power directly from main 5V line.
You even can power the whole MiSTer from micro-USB.

There is one important note: Do not connect 5V supply in both main supply jack and micro-USB. It may damage either DE10-nano or power supplies connected to micro-USB or 5V jack.
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