"EXCITING" DE-10 video


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"EXCITING" DE-10 video

Postby RussellCofIdaho » Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:18 pm

I am a new old Amiga fan, programmer and electronics experimenter and just discovered MiSTer this weekend.

Saw this for the first time today. Yes, this is a generic demo video but it is very informative, if lacking any entertainment value.

What it pointed out is that it has BOTH GPIO and Arduino headers which is useful for adding on without 'reinventing the wheel', there are loads of Arduino shields available for all kinds of projects and I have been working on some teaching my kids about programming and hardware already!

I didn't realize just how small this is until I saw it with a shield attached, overall 80x100mm or about 3x4 inches! This size will make it easy to attach to a laptop for use anywhere.

We homeschool here in the US so I may be able to use my teacher ID to get the educational discount too!

I see fun times ahead!


For some reason the YouTube embed is not working, oh well...
Russell Courtenay

Idaho - USA

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