Newbie MIST peripherals

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Newbie MIST peripherals

Postby danialbi » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:40 pm

Hi all, just ordered my MIST board. I am based in italy
Now it's time to think about peripherals (ATARI800 and ATARI ST to start with)

Monitor: I have a Samsung T24D391 TV/monitor with both VGA and SCART (RGB); should I just use VGA or should I buy a VGA to SCART adaptor? Also, it is a 16:9 monitor, will the picture appear 4:3 with side black lines or enlarged?
PSU: I have a USB power supply rated 1AMP; Good enough?
Joystick: Can you point me to a supplier for original ATARI joystick? Are they still manufactured? Or maybe better to use a USB retro ATARI replica?
Mouse/keyboard: I have standard USB keyboard and wired Microsoft optical mouse; hopefully OK...
Trackball: Well, nice to play Missile it supported? (original ATARI vs. generic USB?)


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Re: Newbie MIST peripherals

Postby DrOG » Sat Sep 15, 2018 4:00 am

Hi, and welcome to the club!

The monitor may be a 'hit and miss', although some of them handles well the non-VGA standard resolution and refresh rates (i.e. the 720x576@50Hz PAL standard) as well. If no, you may still solder/purchase a 'minimig VGA to SCART cable', it works in most cases. About aspect ratio: native 4:3 is the best, I think on monitor-TVs there should be a possibility to set it manually. I recommend to use a CRT with SCART input, it gives a genuine retro feeling to the system, and they are cheap, if you are lucky enought, maybe you can get one for free here in Europe. I suggest to wait until your MIST arrives, and test it with your Samsung.

1A USB phone charger is more than enough, i use a Huawei branded, it's flawless.

Standard USB mouse and keyboard is OK, I have no experience using trackballs.

Atari joysticks: they are still manufactured, i tried two of them:
Competition Pro: precise microswitches, durable mechanism, but no autofire, and a bit too stiff for my taste. Costs 30€+shipping.
AFF Kolor: no microswithes, but still seems to be reliable. Has autofire, and costs less (20€+shipping). Short (only circa 1m) cord.
I purchased them from Amigastore, they are correct, but a bit slow.

Cheers: Gábor

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Re: Newbie MIST peripherals

Postby squid4 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:55 am

Agree with Drog, I use a Sony 14” CRT with RGB SCART and it looks stunning with the cores. LCD just can’t match it for retro. You should be able to pick one up cheap, they’re so well made they last for decades. It’s picture is very close to a PVM.

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Re: Newbie MIST peripherals

Postby slingshot » Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:42 am

danialbi wrote:should I just use VGA or should I buy a VGA to SCART adaptor?

Don't buy cheap scalers, it will not add any value to the existing output options. Even a VGA-HDMI scaler is unusable if it doesn't scale up to 60Hz.

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Re: Newbie MIST peripherals

Postby AdvancedFollower » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:38 pm

I'd start with the VGA out and then look into converters if it doesn't work. On my BenQ monitor, everything works except for the Atari ST high-res mode (640x400 2-color) which is pretty non-standard. You can probably open the OSD on the TV and choose whether to stretch the image to the screen or display black bars. I prefer black bars since this keeps the aspect ratio correct. Would be nice to have a proper CRT, but I can't stand the flickering these days and don't really have the space either (which is why the MiST is so great - dozens of retro systems in a tiny box).

I'm currently using my MiST with a cheap wireless keyboard+mouse (USB dongle) and two Wico joysticks (Command Control and The Boss) from my original C64/Amiga days.

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Re: Newbie MIST peripherals

Postby DanyPPC » Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:47 pm

Atari standard joystick are so common on eBay. Of course used but in good condition.

My personal ranking of the best joystick:

- SUZO arcade joystick (2 versions, one with microswitched fire and one without microswitch)
- ZipStik with autofire option (totally microswitched)
- Competition Pro (also available new from AmigaStore) tired a little the hands
- Suncom TAC2 (no microswitch)
- Suncom SlikStik (no microswitch)

As USB joypad i suggest SuperNintendo Style.

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