New feature: YPbPr/RGsB output

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Re: New feature: YPbPr/RGsB output

Postby phonedork » Wed Feb 28, 2018 8:12 pm

Sorgelig wrote:
phonedork wrote:I have a original XBOX that runs sync on green and I see reddish tent in the grays. I remember hearing about how it may have something to do with the negative polarity. I wonder if there is a cable mod that can be done to fix that as well.

There may be several things caused this. May be XBOX RGsB has reduced range on G due to sync and your TV doesn't understand it. May be G has shifted level while RB aren't again due to sync. Or may be something wrong in timings so TV cannot adjust the levels correctly. I don't know if there is any fix for that.

phonedork wrote:Is there a way I can commission you to make me a cable?

I don't sell the cables, sorry. It's supposed to be done by yourself.
Or may be someone else here is willing to do this for you.

Thank you Sir!

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