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Re: ZX-UNO Spectrum FPGA

Postby antoniovillena » Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:44 pm

Sorgelig wrote:ZX-Uno has a big drawback - it's limited to Spanish society. Developers should make English as a primary language for their forums if they really want to spread their project. Google translator is handy, but still it's a big red sign for most people.

ZX-Uno forum is a Tower of Babel in which everyone speaks the language they want. For example some days ago the latest core developper (Renaud Hélias) wrote in French. So we added that language to the google translate tool. Here for example there is a thread with Spanish and Russian mixes:


With the actual state of google translate's AI there is no problem if everyone writes in his native language. 5 years ago the traslations were incomprehensible but today it has improved a lot.

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Re: ZX-UNO Spectrum FPGA

Postby seastalker » Wed Jan 17, 2018 3:20 pm

Newsdee wrote:I love that enthusiasm!

Took me a second to realize this recreated speccy is actually a Bluetooth keyboard... how do you connect it to the MiST? USB?

It is a much much nicer solution than my wireless keyboard with stickers from the ZX-UNO guys. :P

Yes, it can be used as a USB keyboard so this may be the best Speccy setup currently available if you don't need other peripherals. It uses two AA batteries for it to be wireless as a bluetooth keyboard. The manual suggests to always use rechargeable batteries so you don't forget and plug in the usb and damage the unit. The look and feel is wonderful. I also like that it does NOT say 'Recreated' on the unit itself-just the box. The back of the device has on/off switch, status led, a "pair" button for bluetooth, a "Layer A B" switch to toggle Speccy and QWERTY typing modes. USB mini jack for charging or using with the MIst Speccy core. It's great having the original rubber key design where the MIst can host the joystick ports.

If you own a Mist and you are a ZX Spectrum fan or want to be, the recreated gets my full endorsement. You'd likely need to mod the case if you plan to use the upcoming NEXT with it, but why butcher one?

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