Trouble getting my Soundpool ADAT working.

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Trouble getting my Soundpool ADAT working.

Postby blaylok » Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:40 pm

Recently i finally (after quite a number of years of searching) was lucky enough to find myself a beautiful Soundpool ADAT interface.

So now i have been trying to get it set up with my Falcon for recording using Cubase Audio.

- I am running tos 4.04.

- I have a cf adapter with a 128mb cf card in it on the internal ide

- I have an external scsi enclosure with a scsi cf card reader (scm pcd 50b) in it, with a 1gb cf card.

- I have been able to partition both drives with hddriver 7.93, 1 x tos partition on 128mb internal ide/cf drive and 1 x tos/dos partition on external 1gb scsi/cf drive. Both drives have hddriver 7.93 installed, the machine boots correctly and i am able to access and to copy files between the two drives without issues.

- Cubase audio 2.06 installed on internal c: drive

- Fdi init prg in auto folder in c:

So i plug in the adat, fire up the atari, boots to desktop. The adat gives a few little squeeks while this happens.
Navigate to my cubase folder and start cubase.
Once Cubase opens the adat starts really squeeking/white noise/static sound. I go to hardware setup and select different adat inputs, and still the noise won't disappear? I try a recording, and when record starts the noise just gets louder and nothing records? I exit cubase and start adatrec.prg, unfortunately same resulting static sound that won't go away until powering down the atari.

I have a 9v 500mA power supply plugged into the adat. But i only have one adat cable atm so this is going from the sound source (muse receptor's adat out, or i have tried from my alesis adat's adat out as well) to the soundpool adat's adat in. Unfortunately i am still getting the same 'static', whether i use one or the other?

Do i need to have a second adat cable going from the soundpool adat out back to alesis adat i.e. do i need two cables plugged into their respective ins and outs to make it work?

A short list of things i think it might be:

- Only using the one adat cable as described above. This is my first real experience with adat so i am unsure of the requirements to make it run correctly?

- Try a different 9v 500mA power supply. Perhaps the one i am trying is switch mode (not sure as it is unmarked) and the adat interface requires the opposite?

- Try setting the falcon back up with a real/regular (moving parts) internal ide drive and a real/regular (moving parts) scsi drive, i.e. perhaps it doesn't like working with cf cards and adapters?

- Perhaps the fdi init prg that i have is not the correct one to make the adat work? Are there different ones for the soundpool and the Steinberg models?

Anyway, any help from someone else who may have some experience with the soundpool ADAT would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Trouble getting my Soundpool ADAT working.

Postby Faucon2001 » Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:20 pm

Just general thoughts as I have no specific experience with soundpool ADAT interface, but quite a lot between my RME sound card and a Yamaha 01v96.
You must check first the synchro. Who is the master and who is the slave? In your case if you use only one cable to record, your Alesis out should send the sync to the soundpool in, so the Alesis must be set as master and the falcon as slave. If you want the Falcon to be the master you need 2 cables. Beware that your Alesis is not synchronized with another equipment at the same time.
Secondly ensure that both machins are set on the same frequency and resolution. I know that with certain FDI you can have issues with 24 bits as 16 bits was more the standard at that time, and the Falcon doesn't work with frequencies out of 44.1 and 48 kHz. A firmware update exist for the FDI to deal with the 24 bits issue. What about the ADAT?
Last but not least, are you confident of your cable quality? Optic fiber is generally very reliable but I have had so many strange issues with cables that it's worth checking.

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Captain Atari
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Re: Trouble getting my Soundpool ADAT working.

Postby blaylok » Thu Nov 03, 2016 10:45 pm

Hi Philippe,

Thank you for your helpful tips. It is much appreciated.

I will try what you you have suggested and report back here.

I hadn't considered the master/slave options, i hope that is all i have missed here. I really want to get this working with my Falcon.


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