Gives game for image conversion

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Gives game for image conversion

Postby rockyone » Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:30 am

Today I found by chance a box containing a multitude of diskettes, including some original game.
But I have no reader for its support and I can not guarantee that these games still works because at one time, my son trying to copy them or to crack them, altered many.

I want to post them in France for any picture

Stike force harrier, Ubi soft 1990
Ikari warrior, Ubi soft 1990
The new zealand story, Océan 1990 - le monde des merveilles disk 4-
Super Wonder boy 2 disquette, Océan 1990 - le monde des merveilles disk 6 -
Turrican, Raimbow art 1990
Silkworm disk 6, Virgin Edition one
Satan 2 disquette, Dinamic
Adi CE1 v2.0, Coktel vision 1991
Adi Français CE1 v1.0, Coktel vision 1991
Adi Maths CE1 v1.0, Coktel vision 1991
Educ-Maternelle 1, Micro éditions
Numéyoga 2.2, Wilfrid Pochat & Yannick Pollart 1995
Numéyoga 2.219, Same authors, but recorded disk, has my name. (We lived in the same town)

All his games were running on Ste with 1 MB of ram and tos 1.62 FR

Too bad, a lot of lost game and lost program.
As well as the games I had modified as my kids spend too much time

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Re: Gives game for image conversion

Postby Brume » Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:26 pm

I can do that for you, check your pm ;)

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