Cosmos with Geneva and Neodesk

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Cosmos with Geneva and Neodesk

Postby Bikerbob » Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:28 pm

As we all know Geneva and Neodesk is now out in the public domain. This will make it a popular OS combo for the ST. Using my microCosmos I have run into this issue.

I have MegaSTe 4mb. TOS 2.06 with HDD driver 9.3 and microCosmos. I think I have an issue with the CE_DD driver for COSMOS.

Bare SD card. formated with 9.3 HDD installed NeoDesk 4 (new ver.) and Geneva (new version) everything working great. Autofolder has only jar10 cookie thing, Genenva and Neoload in it.. WORKS FINE.

Load CE_DD AFTER auto.. np .. everything working. Move CE_DD to the autofolder and after .. copy and save funcitons do not work.. read functions work.. but anything that WRITES to drives.. any drives I get 2 bomb or sometimes 4 bomb crash.
Anyone else reproduce this??


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