Best Practices - CosmosEX Mini

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Best Practices - CosmosEX Mini

Postby DrWoo » Thu May 25, 2017 12:39 pm

I have a mini connected to my STe and I'm using the HDDRIVER. I'm looking for some best practices on how to get apps and files from my Mac onto the SD card that I have configured to be several partitions on? I.e. what's the best way to get files on and off via the CosmosEX Mini?

I'm assuming that the Shared Drive is probably the best approach, but I've have serious issues with it. I'll open the drive on the ST and sometime the drive is blank, or I'll double click on a folder and the directory is empty, but I know its not. I've tried using several Macs in my house and all have resulted in the same issues.

Couple things. I'm using a Raspberry PI 2B with the mini and I'm using the SD card with the CE Image that Jookie provided. Also I'm connected to my network vi WIFI and I've updated the CE over the network.


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Re: Best Practices - CosmosEX Mini

Postby Beetle » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:13 am


i also got my MicroCosmos these days. Its really tiny, now i wonder - is it compatible with a RaspberryPi zero?

How do you folks mount it into your Atari? Or do you use it external?
What Atari do you want to modify today?

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Re: Best Practices - CosmosEX Mini

Postby arjanvandermeer » Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:30 pm


Been playing with the uCosmos for the last few days. It's with the new RPi3.

My setup is:
- Connected externally by hanging behind the STe. It's not very clean, but it isn't an issue between the other RPi's and the Arduino's laying there ;-)
- Everything connected over Wifi
- Raspbian updated to latest software updates and root password changed ;-)
- I've configured my Fritz.Box WLAN router as a NAS which exports a drive towards my MacBook and the uCosmos
- The uCosmos mounts the drive over SMB as a shared drive (N:\)

Other options would be:
- NFS export a directory on my MacBook and mount the MacBook drives on uCosmos
- Mount the RPi drive on my MacBook using MacFuse and SSHFS
- Mounting USB sticks; seemed to work

I'd be interested to hear other experiences/views...

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