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Colecovision Core

Postby vebxenon » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:44 pm


A friend of mine is porting a game he did for MSX to Colecovision. Talking with me, he has told me that his game will be a 96 KB Mega Cart (=>64 KB ROM) and that it will require Super Game Module expansion.

- Super Game Module to be plugged in the ColecoVision or ADAM expansions port.
- Up to 32 KB expanded RAM. for more advanced games.
- Spinner IRQ control, (not confirmed).
- New Sound generator AY-3-8910. for more advanced sound.
- Power LED indicator.
- ColecoVision Super Game Module manual + Addendum for credits and copyrights.
- A small catalog with all upcoming SGM Games from Team Pixelboy and Opcode Games.

Well, he wanted to know also if his game would run in MiST Board for doing some testings but nor Mega Carts nor SGM support are present on Colecovision core.

I think that having these features on Colecovision core would be great!


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