Commodore 16 core and JiffyDOS speed

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Commodore 16 core and JiffyDOS speed

Postby MIRKOSOFT » Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:38 pm


Yesterday I got work JiffyDOS in C64 core - by help of members of this forum.
Really it is JiffyDOS - loads and saves programs faster...

I have configured longer time JiffyDOS for Commodore 16.
Today I compared speed of loading same program and see that JiffyDOS is in case of C16 only Basic extension - JiffyDOS commands working but speed is like was.
Here's Q:
Is possible to get for C16 really JiffyDOS speed?
I tried to add to C16.ROM file also 1541 JiffyDOS ROM - joyning together Jiffy Kernal and Jiffy 1541 ROMs.
Computer displays bootscreen and nothing more is accessible - even OSD works not.
It is bit complicated - over the web is possible to find different ROMs of C16 system:
Basic 3.5 separatelly
Basic + MLM + Chargen together as Kernal
But not only Kernal - it is possible to get from VICE, but there are many ROMs only fake ROMs 'cause copyrights.
Chargen is easily possible to extract from memory/download.
Size of JiffyDOS for C16/+4 is same like Kernal all-in-one.

Maybe mixing ROMs will have effect, but really is my Q:

Is possible to get for Commodore 16 core real disk access in JiffyDOS speed?

Thank you for answers, ideas, suggestions.


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